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What is TIWC

Together in Worship Canada , is loosely based on a Hymn Festival that was run by the Mark Thallander Foundation in the United States and is designed to focus on the musical elements one might hear on any given Sunday in church.  Predominantly the Organ and Sacred Choral Music.

Tony and Diego – Founders

The Pandemic exposed the massive void of no music or very little music for worship.

It also presented an opportunity to fuel a grassroots initiative, jumpstarting and reimagining music programs all across Canada. By setting this new example for parish communities to follow and emulate we can build a resource that can be used for Sunday Liturgies and other important celebrations.  Music plays such an integral role in the liturgy and our mission is to encourage active musician involvement in their respective parishes by growing and enhancing their programs. 

We are very fortunate to have some of the finest church musicians to set such an example and it is our hope this will inspire others across the country to be Canada’s next great organist, chorister, choirmaster or community leader.

Diego Iapaolo & Tony Margani
Founders of Together in Worship Canada